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If you are operating as a SME or a corporate organization, selling more of your product or services is a crucial way of generating income and increasing your chances of financial stability. However, how can businesses effectively start selling online, generate leads, and convert website users without the support of marketing Agencies?

If you have downloaded and read our FREE guide on Digital Marketing Strategy for B2B and Service Providers, you will have known that leveraging on Digital Marketing is capable of increasing your sales and ability to generate more business.

Having a website is important but generating sales from your website is more valuable to your business.

How am I expected To Meet Potential Customers Online?

SEO: Get to the Front Page of Google

Being ranked on the first page of Google’s search engine results would help bring your business website in front of more people.

Focus on the most relevant search keywords your target customers are looking for and ensure your website is well-designed for each of your key phrases.

Use Google Ads

Getting to the first page of Google’s search engine results requires a lot of time and work but you can use Google ads to reach clients looking for your service via Google ads.

If you’re running Google Ads, you’ll not only want to rank well for your main search words, but you’ll also need to update your Pay Per Click (PPC) copy and ad templates to maximize clicks from search results to your landing pages.

Ad extensions will help you increase the size of your PPC ad and provide more room for future website users to click.

Using Ads in Social Media

Facebook ads has become one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to attract more customers online. In reality, one of the best ways to improve online sales is to use the data you have about your current customers to reach “look-like viewers” who are more like your consumer base and thus more likely to convert.

This will massively extend your scope and give your highly targeted advertising a greater chance to perform well.

Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter all provide great advertisement networks to help you meet your demographic target once you know which one is best for your business.

Unpaid social media ads can also offer a significant increase in traffic, but unlike Paid Social Advertising, it needs constant monitoring and a time commitment to keep it going all the time.

How do you Turn Visitors to Customers?

Serve a Pop-Up Opt-In Email Offer to First-Time Visitors

It is a standard practice for e-commerce websites to deliver an opt-in email to first-time visitors. This could be a guide, a first-order discount or a free demo in return for the personal details of the user and the right to send them emails.

It is a perfect way to create trust with potential buyers, provide useful information and promote future purchases. You can offer valuable information in exchange for visitors contact details.

Establish a Sense of Urgency

Showing limited-edition goods, time-sensitive special deals and low stock rates will help to generate scarcity and a sense of urgency that promotes immediate purchases.

Nonetheless, it is important to be truthful and clear with your time sensitive message; if you have thousands of a single product with stock and no relevant offer, do not pressure consumers into a rush purchase.

Similarly, if you have a coupon scheduled to expire at midnight, make sure that consumers would not be able to grab your goods at a lower price after that time.

 Provide Rewards for Purchase

Could you afford to give free delivery with orders above a certain amount, or even a percentage discount? Provide an invitation to buy in your marketing messages were selling more of your product or services is a crucial way of generating income and increasing your chances of financial stability. possible. It is even better if this is a time-sensitive opportunity, as discussed above.

Give a Money Back Guarantee

Often shopping online can be a little overwhelming if you buy, say, a second-hand car or a refurbished laptop, or you try a new brand for the first time. By offering a money back guarantee and simple return policy, you make it a risk-free and convenient decision to buy from you.

Feature Consumer Testimonials in Main Landing Pages

When working on a website redesign, we also provide truthful customer feedback on main landing pages such as the homepage, about us page, contact us page and category pages.

Independent review sites seamlessly link to your CMS (Content Management System) and allow your customers to provide real feedback that strengthens the credibility and authority of your brand.

Offer a Variety of Payment Options

If you don’t offer payment options like Paystack, PayPal or payment on delivery on your website, you may lose out on revenue from a wide pool of consumers who don’t want to continuously enter their credit card details on any new eCommerce site they visit.

It may be time to carry out the changes and invest in the functionality of these common and safe new payment methods before your competitors leave you behind. Customers come to trust the systems they’re familiar with, so making sure you use the most widely known payment gateway will ensure visitors don’t hesitate before completing the sale.

What if they don’t Convert Immediately?

Simplify the Journey of Your Sales

Do you know that most websites are losing 45-85 percent of their income due to missed conversions? Ensuring that the website’s selling process is as quick, easy and encouraging as possible. This is the best way to ensure that customers convert.

If your product offering appeals to your target market and the price point is right, then poor usability is typically the explanation for a low conversion rate.

That is why we follow the KISS: Keep It Easy, Stupid; method when it comes to web design.

Revisit Your Product and Price Plan

You may need to discuss the pricing and marketing management issues. Your pricing will reflect the value you offer, the market value you charge, the value you allocate to your brand, and the sales and market share goals you have in place.

Implement Abandoned Cart Ads

Abandoned cart emails helped small businesses recover hundreds of thousands of Naira worth of revenue that might have been missed if it were not for the gentle reminder to visit their customer’s inboxes. Include a discount if the first drop out of basket email doesn’t work and you’re going to be sitting pretty.

Improve Call to Action

In order to improve sales, you need a straightforward and appealing call to action (CTA) that informs the consumer precisely what they need to do. Do not annoy or confuse them.

Improve Your Product Imagery  

No one really got a sense of your brand identity from stock images that were bought on the cheap in bulk. Ripping the results of Google Photo Search is not any easier either. When you want to sell more products, invest in tailor-made product photography that appeals to consumers, represents your brand and is uniquely yours.

Ensure Messaging Consistency

Creating a brand is all about clear messaging across all verticals, including your website. Make sure that your sound is distinctly yours and that you talk with as much passion and consistency for one product or service as you do the other.

How Can I Increase The Efficiency Of My Sales Team?

A big part of what makes the website successful or fail is the strength of its online sales team. Much as in a conventional sales team where operations are carried out over the phone or through a high street shop, the online sales team would need proper training and support to ensure that they deliver the kind of outstanding service that makes you proud that they represent your brand.


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