Lead Generation

Leads keep your business running.

To keep the leads coming, you need a reliable and effective marketing system.Wedesign is a B2B lead generation and sales support services company trusted by businesses in the in Nigeria and around the world to be their consistent provider of sales opportunities. By being their remote marketing arm, we help companies across industries like IT and Software, Consultancy, Healthcare, Finance, and Advertising find the best quality leads and appointments with the greatest chance of becoming profitable customers.Backed by quality data, skilled members and a robust marketing tech stack, we set your company up for success with automated marketing, lead generation, appointment setting and sales enablement tools that work together to provide a steady stream of leads to your sales teams, be they office-based or working offsite.

How Our Lead Generation Service Works

Run successful Appointment Setting and Lead Generation campaigns powered by our Automated Marketing approach.Having worked with several clients from around the world for more than 4 years has given us valuable experience and insights into what works best and produces results.Identify: compile a list of companies that match your target customer profile.Expand: profile key prospects and stakeholders within target companies.Engage: connect with prospects across all channels using relevant communication media.Convert: set and confirm appointments with the right people.

How We Help Businesses Succeed

As a B2B lead generation services provider and an extension of your company, we handle the time-consuming tasks of finding and qualifying potential customers for you. Using hyper-personalized touches across multiple channels, we warm up prospects and handoff win-ready leads to accelerate your sales and grow your revenue.Email

  • Send Personalized Emails
  • Send Event-triggered Emails
  • Invite to Connect
  • Send Follow-up Email
  • Display Banner Ads to Target Prospects
  • Identify Prospects that Visit Your Website
  • Follow-up Prospects via Call & Email
  • Promote the webinar
  • Measure the webinar’s performance

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