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Smartphone and tablets have completely changed the way we interact with web pages. With the increasing number of mobile technologies, the demand for responsive web pages is also increasing. Factors like Touch and Click, Resolution, Screen-size, Adobe Flash support, Load-time, Optimized markup, etc. greatly affect the demand for responsive web pages. Web design companies have started changing the way they perceive design and user experience.

Advantages of Availing Responsive Web Design Services

Responsive web pages give you the following benefits:

Excellent Flexibility

Responsive web pages are known for its fluidity. They easily spread out on any device screen. In other words, the content spreads easily across all screen resolutions and devices.

Brilliant User Experience

In today’s world of online marketing, ‘Content is the King’. So, the users need to grasp the content on a website through the device of their choice. This requirement can be fulfilled through responsive web pages. As mentioned above, due to the flexible nature of web pages you do not have to resize or scroll for content no matter which device you are using.


A single web page that conforms to the needs of all devices is more economical when compared to designing two different websites for the same product or services. On the other hand, handling two different web-addresses for a mobile-friendly website and a traditional website causes more inconvenience to the user. This could cause inconvenience to you also because it might cause your SEO efforts to be in vain. Responsive web pages direct the traffic to one single web address saving your time and money.

Easy to Manage

Handling two different web addresses (one for mobile and the other for desktop) requires separate SEO strategies and ad campaigns. Managing both needs a lot of efforts. Responsive websites save your time and effort, as you do not have to manage two separate accounts to analyze the results.

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Recommended by Google

Google recommends responsive web pages to search marketers because one URL is much easier for users to share and interact with any device. Mobile version of a website trips down the experience of a desktop screen user. As a large emphasis is laid upon user experience now, Google also started taking it a factor for ranking websites.

The aforementioned benefits of responsive web pages are enough to say why you need to go for it. On the other hand, you should go for a well-known Responsive Web Design Company which understands its value and gives you the best service.

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